reddirect: selectively disable reddit toolbar

Update 2:

This is not for Chrome extension “Reddit companion”, but rather for the old iframe-based reddit toolbar still used in short redd.it URLs.


Release 0.2 is available.  Chrome’s auto-update should handle it, but if it fails, please try installing again from the new link.

It fixes an issue that allowed blank lines in the Options page, which matches everything.  It will now trim and remove blank lines upon save.

Chrome extension for automatically turning off the reddit toolbar.  Weekend project that took several hours.

Warning: I only tested on my machine – 9.0.597.45 beta, Ubuntu 10.10.  You can see all the source code – it doesn’t do much so not much can go wrong, but use it at your own risk.

Google Code page is here.

Download it here.

Reddit toolbar is nice and all, but some sites don’t like being nested in a frame, which is the method that reddit toolbar uses to overlay the toolbar over target web pages.

For example, reddit toolbar doesn’t work with Twitter, StackOverflow, Flickr, and lately YouTube – when YouTube started to not work, I got a bit frustrated with manually clicking on [x] button to view the video.

Uses reddit JSON API to fetch the target URL before anything loads on reddit.com/tb/*.  I tried doing it by going through DOM to get the target URL and doing a redirect, but this method ran into problems with JavaScript embedded in the target URL tried to do its own redirection.  Flickr was the worst offender.

I provide a default set, but you can configure the whitelist / blacklist in extension options.  Go to Chrome’s Options (wrench icon) -> Tools -> Extensions -> reddirect Options.

If you want to test it, go to the following URLs and click on some links:


  • optionally show the reddit submission title and provide a link to the comments page (like what the toolbar is supposed to do)
  • allow regex matching instead of just substring matching (indexOf)
  • prettier UI for the settings page.
  • try to work around that annoying alert() dialog displayed by StackOverflow. grrr…
  • icon.

Workaround for UL30 (UL30A-A2 and others) brightness keys in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

EDIT (2011-05-11): this should also work for 11.04.

With some models of Asus ul30 family (mine is ul30a-a2), brightness hotkeys don’t work properly in Lucid.  They change the brightness somewhat randomly, also sometimes causing ACPI to “freeze”.

The actual bug is here:


The (temporary) workaround, originally from here:

Edit /etc/default/grub as root
Find, and change this line : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”acpi_backlight=vendor”
call update-grub as root, reboot.

Since not being able to run popular distros can be a dealbreaker for laptop buyers, here’s a summary of my experience with this laptop:

Question: How well does Lucid Lynx run on UL30A-A2?

Answer: Flawless, except for the brightness key bug mentioned above and screen flickers, which also has a workaround.


Proper forwarding and filtering from UWaterloo engmail to gmail

Warning: Engmail may fail to forward items on time, in extreme cases, taking up to 2-3 days or even completely fail to forward at all.  Do not rely on this to manage your school email – I am not responsible for missed e-mails because you failed to check the actual UW account through getmail.

  • Log into getmail.uwaterloo.ca
  • Click on Deliver/Divert/Forward
  • Check “Foward mail to”, enter your email address with the gmail’s + sign hack. For example,
    • myemail+uwaterloo@gmail.com
  • Go into your gmail.
  • Create a filter.  For the field “Has the words”, enter:
    • deliveredto:myemail+uwaterloo@gmail.com

with the correspoding email address you set up previously.

Now you can properly label and organize your forwarded emails.

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Getting uw-secure to work with Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

Right click on wireless icon, Edit Connections.

Click on Wireless tab.

Find uw-secure, click on Edit.

Fill in the following information:

Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
PEAP version: Automatic
Username,Password: Your UWDir username, password

If you can’t use uw-secure for some reason, uw-wireless is OK too. One caveat is that you must use Firefox to authenticate first before accessing external (outside uwaterloo.ca domain) websites – Chrome doesn’t seem to bring you to the login page.