A trip to: Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard

I saw a few videos on YouTube of people playing Tetris Grand Master 2 and Pop’n Music at Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard, WA. So I decided to go there to check it out today.

Left: MvC2, right: Neo Geo MVS with Metal Slug games (and others)

When I walked in, I saw a Ms. Pac Man cabinet, and the two machines pictured above. Walk in a bit, and there’s about 10 pinball machines. I have no interest in these, however…

Tekken 5, SF3, Gigawing, House of the Dead 3

Gigawing! I’ve never seen a cabinet of it. I played a game, the cabinet works fine. Ridiculous game as usual.

Hyper Bishi Bashi

Above is Hyper Bishi Bashi in English. I didn’t even know they made an English version. I used to be able to 1cc this, but I couldn’t even do it on 2 coins!

In the dark corner of the store, between the restrooms, there is a surprise:


Mushihime-sama (the first one). If you ever watched “omgz hardest game boss ever!!11” videos on YouTube – it was probably this game. Here’s one of those videos:

(video removed from YouTube)

This is super rare, I bet there’s only a handful in North America. The sticks and buttons were in excellent condition. Of course, I played a game in Maniac:


Apparently no one plays the game around here.

Unfortunately, they did not have pop’n music or Tetris Grand Master. I’ve asked them what happened but they didn’t know. I tweeted them, hopefully I get an answer back.

Oh, and these pictures were taken by HTC Windows Phone 8X. It’s no Lumia 920 when it comes to camera, but those pictures don’t look that bad, hm?

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