Completely Useless Rhythm Game Trivia: Extravaganza

Here’s some useless trivia for Pump It Up.

Pump It Up, a DDR clone by Korean company Andamiro, was released in October 1999.  Couple months later in December, Andamiro released a 2nd version, Pump It Up: The 2nd Dance Floor. The sequel contained a hidden song called Extravaganza.

Here’s how to access it:

  1. On the machine, get a S-Rank on song Hate (Korean title: 싫어) 100 times. Full combo gives you an S-Rank.
  2. When #1 is done, a hidden song Koul will appear in 2nd stage. S-rank this song 100 times.
  3. Extravaganza will now appear in 4th stage.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Not many people knew at the time that PIU2 had hidden songs at all – I didn’t either. At the time, it was considered to be the hardest song on Pump It Up! That is, of course, until 3rd Stage (OBG) came out in May of 2000.

Anyways, here’s the actual trivia for Extravaganza: it’s a complete rip off.

Listen to Extravaganza, especially at 35 second mark:

and now Daft Punk’s Burnin’, paying attention to the bass line at 1:30:

So Extravaganza is basically Burnin’ speeded up. (And yes, it’s speeded up, not sped up).

Why did this happen?

First of all, a little background: Extravaganza was composed in-house by the game publisher. When you’re selling a rhythm game, publishers tend to boast about how many new songs they crammed into a release, and they release very often – at least yearly. When the company’s strapped on cash like Andamiro was, you tell your in-house composers to work like a factory worker and churn out as many songs as they can – which leads to songs like Extravaganza.

Later on, Andamiro realized that they can use Creative Commons songs with commercial usage rights and started using a few in each release starting in the late 2000’s.

Now you know.

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